Commitment n°1 : A commitment to more responsible products

Rigorous selection of raw materials


Ecovadis, an independent organisation that evaluates companies by measuring their environmental, social, societal, ethical and purchasing impacts according to international CSR standards.

PEFC/FSC certificates

Raw materials from sustainably managed forests (PEFC® and FSC®) and certified by independent organisations to guarantee the origin of our wood and its traceability to the market.

ISO 14001 certificate

Measures and improvements to limit our impact on the environment.

Label MORE

Use of recycled plastics in production, development of eco-design for more sustainable consumption.

French Fab

The French Fab embodies the French business community's desire to develop French industry.

Waste management

of production waste in the manufacturing of new products (Troyes factory (France)).
+ Recovery of sawdust and panel off-cuts to feed the biomass boiler (Châtellerault plant).

1 / We choose recycled and recyclable raw materials

Toplax / Puretex

recycled material in our bathtubs
+ ABS / Polyurethane reinforcements guaranteed without glass fibre nor polyester resin.
+ Absence quasi-totale de Composants Organiques Volatiles (COV).

2 / Committing to more responsible packaging

of the cardboard packaging for our furniture is recycled in our factory.
of the protective corners of the bathtubs, from our factory, are made of recycled material.

Commitment n°2 : Local production

of our furniture is manufactured in our factory in Châtellerault (France)
of our bathtubs are manufactured in our factory in Troyes (France)

1 / Local manufacturing as a guarantee of quality

Our products meet the strict production standards applicable in Europe. This guarantees safety and compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.


We are the only French manufacturer of baths and whirlpools to have been awarded the AFNOR label, which testifies to the robustness, durability, reparability and recyclability of our baths and whirlpools.

NF certificate

The NF label is a collective certification mark that attests to the conformity of the product or service to safety and quality characteristics.

ISO 9001 certificate

Implementation of a quality management system to continuously improve customer satisfaction and provide compliant products and services.

2 / Local production also means being close to the consumer

  • Sales teams cover the entire territory
  • A customer service, an after-sales service & a consumer service are at your service

3 / Local suppliers & partners

  • Sourcing raw materials from Europe.
  • Favouring local service providers for all our marketing, digital and printing projects.
  • Encourage partnerships with institutions or services that provide support to people with disabilities.

Commitment n°3 : The people

1 / Equal opportunities

  • The company's jobs are open to all, to valid and disabled workers.
  • Equal treatment of men and women in terms of access to employment, training, mobility and
    promotion or in terms of equal pay.

2 / Training and skills development

  • ALLIBERT trains all its employees to maintain employability and increase skills and thus encourage internal promotion.
  • ALLIBERT sets up an integration programme for all new employees.

3 / Human resources and human rights at ALLIBERT

  • A formalised policy on human rights: employee health and safety, working conditions, social dialogue, child labour, forced labour, diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Signature of a policy declaration charter that commits the company to the 8 framework conventions
    of the International Labour Organisation.
  • Implementation of concrete actions for the health and safety of our employees through procedures,
    training, preventive measures, protective equipment to provide a very high level of safety on a daily basis, thanks to a social dialogue established between staff representatives, unions and management.

4 / Working conditions

  • Implementation of telework, when possible (reduction of journeys and fatigue).
  • Drafting of a disconnection charter promoting a better balance between professional and private life.
  • Quality of Life at Work (QVT) approach, on certain sites; making it possible to reconcile both the improvement of working conditions for employees and the overall performance of the sites.
  • New internal communication tools (Teams, Wildix...) to promote communication between and within departments.