Balneotherapy bathtub ELBA DUO RIGHT

Bathtub in Toplax® - No fibreglass - Reinforced with ABS - shower bath - Drain centred widthways - 52 mm plug not included - Delivered with feet - Depth: 42,00 cm - Bathtub guarantee: 10 years - System guarantee: 2 years

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  • Colour therapy
  • Intuitive electronic controller
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Numerous nozzles and injectors
Discover the Allibert quality
The INTENSEA whirlpoolsystem will provide you with the benefits of a tonic and stimulating massage. Its water massage system reduces muscular tension while stimulating blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, a real moment of well-being! Equipped with two pumps: one air and one water, the INTENSEA whirlpool bathtubs are particularly comfortable. These two pumps are used to activate 3 types of pre-programmed massages, which can be selected using the keypad installed on the bathtub deck. With the INTENSEA whirlpools, you can also enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy with 10 LEDs offering 8 different colours.
Toplax® ABS reinforced acrylic
Material attributes
No fibreglass, Reinforced with ABS
Asymmetrical right-hand bathtub
shower bath
Drain location
centred widthways
52 mm plug not included, Delivered with feet
Whirlpool equipment
Variable intensity on water massage, Variable intensity on air massage, Variable intensity on water and air massage, Automatic massage programmes, Lymphatic drainage, Chromotherapy 10 spotlights 8 colours, Enriched oxygen, Air warmer, Electronic control, Automatic drying, pump(s) mounted on metal frame
Automatic massage programs
Relaxing massage, Tonic massage
Number of nozzles
Nozzles material
Number of injectors
Injectors material
Laiton + ABS
Bath capacity
130 - 200 L
Inside depth
42 cm
160 x 100 x 54-56 cm
Colour thumbnail
Fittings compatibility
Ref. Allibert

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Balneotherapy bathtub ELBA DUO RIGHT
Balneotherapy bathtub ELBA DUO RIGHT
Balneotherapy bathtub ELBA DUO RIGHT
Balneotherapy bathtub ELBA DUO RIGHT