WC pack wall-mounted

Complete kit- Support frame with easily adjustable corrosion resistant metal structure for fixing to the floor and wall - CE NF: EN 14055 Quality Certificate - Weight resistance 400 kg - Silent Water Supply - High-quality NF float - Rimless porcelain bowl - Control plate, glossy white - Double 3/6 L push-button - Thermo-setting toilet seat, easy to clean and moisture resistant - Soft close. Horizontal exit - With rim - Dim. : 35 x 115 x 54 cm

€454.00 ttc

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  • Silent water intake
  • Soft close
  • Complete set
  • Kontrollplatte in weiß
  • Floater NF
Discover the Allibert quality
The AZZILY hanging toilet pack will win you over with its modern look and simplicity. Its full and sober lines give this toilet a harmonious look. The AZZILY toilet pack is easy to install thanks to its adjustable support frame. The D-shaped toilet bowl adds a modern touch, while the matching control plate completes the look. Moreover, the AZZILY toilet pack is equipped with a thermoset toilet seat with a soft close closure. The AZZILY toilet pack is equipped with a 3/6L dual flush and a silent water flow.
35 x 115 x 54 cm
Output type
Horizontal ourlet
Ref. Allibert

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 WC pack wall-mounted
 WC pack wall-mounted
 WC pack wall-mounted
 WC pack wall-mounted